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  1. Read the program guidelines below, then review specific requirements for 资金资助, 可行性 & 技术援助赠款, 系统更换计划拨款.

  2. 观察记录的信息会话, or 顺便来bet8体育娱乐入口的虚拟办公时间 向员工提问.


  3. 了解更多关于 requesting an accommodation for accessibility or requesting translation 服务​.


  4. 登录或创建用户配置文件 在新的拨款管理系统中. (See details under “Application Instructions” on the grant category pages.)


  5. 填写并提交申请意向 by clicking “Apply Now” under the desired bet8九州登录入口设施基金 grant category. (The Intent to Apply is just the first section of the online application.)


  6. Complete and submit the online application, including supplementary materials by January, 14, 2022 at 11:59pm (ET).




  • 公益性bet8九州登录入口机构: 501(c)(3) organizations that are primarily concerned with the arts, 人文学科, 或解释科学. The legislation includes but is not limited to museums, 历史遗迹, 动物园, 水族馆, 影院, 音乐厅, 展览空间, 教室, auditoriums (“Cultural Facilities”). 符合条件的设施必须拥有, 租赁, or used by one or more nonprofit cultural organizations, 而且必须对公众开放.
  • Municipalities that own cultural facilities: provided that the cultural facility is at least 50,面积为000平方英尺, at least 50% devoted to cultural purposes provided. 然而, 如果这样的建筑, 结构, or site is 125 years old or older and is significant in the history, 考古学, 民族的建筑或bet8九州登录入口, 英联邦, 或者它所在的社区, 它可以是任何大小的.
  • Public or private institutions of higher education that own cultural facilities: provided that the cultural facility provides service and open access to the community and the general public beyond its educational mission and can demonstrate financial need.


  • 资金资助:用于收购, 设计, 建设, 修复, 改造, bet8九州登录入口设施的修复或其他资本改善或延期维护. Any of the following would qualify for consideration under this description:
    • 新建筑.
    • 对现有结构的添加.
    • Renovations or 修复s to an existing 结构.
    • 固定/集成设备.
    • 以上的任何组合.
  • 可行性 & 技术援助补助金(自由贸易协定):与拟议的合格项目的整体规划及可行性有关的成本及开支.
  • 系统更换计划拨款(SRP): These are a specific type of 可行性 and Technical Assistance Grant specifically 设计ed for organizations without full-time maintenance staff. SRP是对建筑及其机械系统进行20年的资本需求评估.

Applicants may only apply for one grant per round, with the exception of a Systems Replacement Plan Grant, which may be applied for in tandem with any other grant category.

除了, 如果一个组织获得了资本拨款,它也可以获得系统更换计划拨款, if recommended by the bet8九州登录入口设施基金 review panel. 完成上述系统更换计划可能是获得资本拨款的先决条件.


申请人可申请规划和安装卫生和安全基础设施和固定设备需求. 此外,从9月1日起,受让人还可以提交已完成的符合条件的项目费用的发票, 2021年提出.


  • HVAC evaluation (commissioning) and upgrades
  • Air quality/humidity/Co2 sensing equipment
  • Ultraviolet lighting to disinfect systems and surfaces
  • Fixed touchless operational and sanitizing equipment
  • 有机玻璃/屏障安装


随着马萨诸塞州变得更加多样化, bet8九州登录入口部门的独特地位确保了多样性仍然是bet8体育娱乐入口的优势. To this end organizations that are awarded a bet8九州登录入口设施基金 grant are encouraged to support persons of color and women-owned planning and 建设 firms. 请参见 Commonwealth’s Directory of Certified Businesses to find Minority and Women Business Enterprises.

Statutory Threshold Criteria for All Grants


  1. 项目必须是“合格项目”
  2. There must be a demonstrated community need for the project.
  3. 该项目必须能够证明它将有益于当地的旅游业.
  4. There must be a demonstrated financial need for a grant.
  5. The project must be able to demonstrate local support.

除了 to the statutory threshold criteria:

  • Capital Grant applicants must meet “financial capacity” threshold criteria.
  • Capital Grant applicants must either own or lease the facility.
  • A College or University must demonstrate that its cultural facility provides service and open access to the community and the general public outside of the regular educational mission.
  • A Municipality must demonstrate how 50% or more of its facility is for arts, 人文学科, 或者解释科学编程.

Award Ranges and 现金流匹配需求

可行性 & 技术援助赠款


Award maximums for 资金资助 have not been set at this time. 过去几年的最高赠款在20万至25万美元之间. bet8九州登录入口设施基金谘询委员会会在检讨过程中订定最高资助金额.

所有由bet8九州登录入口设施基金发出的拨款,均须按1:1的比例申请. 所有的匹配必须以有担保的现金匹配的形式进行,或者在法律上对项目负有义务. Pledges and in-kind goods or 服务 are not eligible towards the match.

如果你被授予助学金, 在你能够与MassDevelopment签订拨款协议并提取拨款资金之前,必须完成整个1:1的匹配. Pledges that are not legally obligated do not fulfill the matching requirement.

欢迎在筹款活动后期申请资助. 配对基金可包括捐赠给受资助人及指定用于合资格计划的私人基金, 或者联邦或市政拨款. 以下 可能不 用作配套资金:

  • Operating funds expended by the organization for:
    • 抵押贷款利率
    • 融资成本
    • 员工工资
    • 其他经营活动;
  • 贷款收益
  • Selling capital assets including the deaccessioning of museum collections;
  • Funds already expended on the eligible project prior to September 1, 2021; and
  • Funds received from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Capital Grantees will have up to 24 months and 可行性 and Technical Assistance and System Replacement Grantees will have up to 12 months from the grant approval date to raise matching funds. 然而, 作为评价标准的一部分, applicants which demonstrate ability to raise matching funds within 18 months of the application deadline will be prioritized for award. Matching funds must be used for eligible project costs.

Deadlines and Requirements for Returning CFF Grantees
组织 that have previously been awarded bet8九州登录入口设施基金 grants will have the opportunity to apply to the Fund in the upcoming round so long the following schedule and conditions have been met:

  • MassDevelopment (in its sole determination) must have received all required documentation from the grantee to enter into a Grant Agreement for the prior grant a minimum of 60 days before the application deadline, 或在11月15日之前, 2021; and for 资金资助, 受让人必须提交马萨诸塞州历史委员会的证据,证明项目符合M.G.L. Ch. 9, ss. 26-27和950 CMR 7至少在申请截止日期前45天,或2021年12月3日之前.
  • All invoices and accompanying final certifications requesting disbursement must be submitted to MassDevelopment a minimum of 30 days before the application deadline, 或12月15日之前, 2021.

In the case of an existing grantee that chooses to decline its entire grant amount, the grantee shall send an affirmative renouncement of the Grant, with an explanation of the circumstances surrounding the renouncement to MassDevelopment and the Massachusetts Cultural Council a minimum of 45 days before the application deadline, 或在11月30日之前, 2021. If an existing grantee chooses to decline a partial amount of its grant, the grantee shall follow the procedure and deadlines outlined above, 也必须证明, 通过最终认证和MassDevelopment可能要求的任何其他文件证明, that the grantee has committed a share of its matching funds to the project that is at least equivalent to the grant funds already disbursed. The reasons why a grantee declined a prior grant (in whole or in part) will be considered when evaluating that grantee as an applicant for a new grant.

Previously-funded applicants will be asked to demonstrate the distinction between the previously funded scope-of-work and the newly proposed scope-of-work.

An organization previously awarded a bet8九州登录入口设施基金 grant that does not meet the above schedule and conditions will not be eligible for funding.

Grantees should be aware that starting in FY23, bet8体育娱乐入口会为受助人设定一年的等待期,然后再回来申请基金. 这一年的等待期将适用于基本拨款,但不适用于计划拨款(可行性 & Technical Assistance or Systems Replacement).

已完成的申请将被编译, 审查法定资格, 符合条件的申请将被转交给拨款审查小组,该小组将考虑整个申请人群体. 检讨小组将包括对bet8九州登录入口设施发展有了解的人士, 资本融资, 财务管理, 保护历史古迹, 设施维修, 建设, 战略规划, 社区和经济发展. 评审小组将根据适用于所有申请的评审标准为申请打分.

To ensure equity in the distribution of bet8九州登录入口设施基金 grants 状态wide, 小组有时可根据基金对地域分配的承诺调整奖励分配, 达到服务不足的社区, having all sizes of cultural organizations represented.



MassDevelopment and the bet8九州登录入口 encourage applicants from all segments of the 状态’s communities in order to encourage diversity in the cultural life of the Commonwealth. 依照国家法律, 马萨诸塞州的bet8九州登录入口组织不得在其项目或工作人员和董事会成员中歧视种族, 性别, 宗教, 信条, color, 国家的起源, 残疾, 性取向, 和年龄.

组织 funded under this program must make reasonable accommodations to ensure that people with disabilities have equal physical, 编程, communications access as defined by federal law.

The bet8九州登录入口设施基金 retains the discretion to waive provisions of these guidelines if the project to be granted a waiver continues to meet the statutory eligibility criteria and the requested waiver is consistent with the public purposes of the bet8九州登录入口设施基金.

bet8九州登录入口设施基金得奖者必须遵守“大众发展”的承建商政策. In the Grant Agreement for the Cultural Facilities award, 接受者必须同意其项目的成本将由大众发展资助, 它和/或它的附属公司没有也不会与任何总承包商签订合同, 建设 manager or other vendor listed as debarred or suspended on the debarment lists maintained by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance, 运输部, 工业事故部门, 总检察长办公室和联邦政府(“禁止入境名单”).

A grantee must also require that its general contractor or 建设 manager (if one is engaged) certify in the 建设 contract for MassDevelopment financed work that the general contractor or 建设 manager: (i) will check the Debarment Lists before directly engaging a subcontractor or other vendor and (ii) has not and will not contract directly with a subcontractor or other vendor listed on a Debarment List. The certification in the general contractor or 建设 manager contract shall further provide that the general contractor or 建设 manager understands and acknowledges that noncompliance may result in debarment from future MassDevelopment funded projects for a period of one year from the date of written notification of noncompliance.

A grantee is required to provide the name of its general contractor or 建设 manager (if one is engaged) to MassDevelopment at least 10 business days prior to the execution of the Grant Agreement.


Reporting Requirements and Grant Cancellations
All funded organizations are required to participate in a yearly economic impact survey and report issued by the bet8九州登录入口 annually and due in mid-November. 对于以下情况,MassDevelopment保留取消、减少或取消资助的权利:

  • Misses deadlines for raising matching funds, 签订拨款协议, 完成经济影响调查, 或提交拨款报告;
  • 没有通知大众发展和bet8九州登录入口节目的重大变化, 服务, anticipated sale of the building (or other disposition), 或重大人事变动;
  • Fails to comply with the terms of the Grant Agreement;
  • Is unable to raise or expend the required cash match;
  • Demonstrates inadequate 财务管理 and oversight;
  • Does not properly credit MassDevelopment and the bet8九州登录入口.

确保所有检讨小组均不存在利益冲突及出现利益冲突, review panelists are required to disclose any past, 当前的, 或者他们或他们的直系亲属可能与实际或潜在的申请人有潜在的联系. “隶属关系”适用于就业, 董事会成员, 独立的合同关系, 咨询或政策关系, 实质性的贡献关系, 以及其他财务关系. 除了, panelists are required to disclose any past or 当前的 adversarial relationships with actual or potential applicants of a professional or personal nature.

所有印刷品均须注明“大众发展”及“bet8九州登录入口”, audio, video, 和网络资料, all publicity materials (such as press releases, 宣传册, 海报, 广告, 和网站). Detailed information will be provided in the contract package mailed to grantees.

大众发展和bet8九州登录入口可能会在其出版物和网站上刊登一些受资助组织的工作. 照片是受欢迎的. Please send images to the bet8九州登录入口, ATTN: 卡门.plazas@art.状态 (最好是数码作品——300 dpi分辨率,约4″x 6″打印尺寸.)为您提交的每一张图片, 请包括您的组织名称和描述(包括照片中突出的个人的身份). Include photographer credits, if appropriate, the dates the images were taken.