九月展出. 1 - 11月. 11, 2023
开幕酒会:8月. 31, 6 - 8 p.m.

的 focus of these assemblages and sculptures has evolved as a feeling not exclusively nostalgic but still rooted in playful optimism. It feels like play for me as I organize newly made and older castings with found forms by color and shape. My current process includes the creation of multiple geometric and irregular forms, 用彩色树脂或热成型塑料铸造. 当我收集了这些不同的模塑和铸造形式, 形成了一个选择性匹配过程. 在这个过程中, complimentary pieces are selected which resemble or represent a misshapen facsimile of commercial products, 新奇的物品, 或者玩具.

Solomon Robert Nui Enos的作品

2023年9月15日- 12月16日

Solomon Robert Nui Enos is a Native Hawaiian artist, illustrator, visionary. 在马卡哈谷(欧胡岛)出生和长大, 夏威夷), he hails from the well-known Enos ‘ohana and has been making art for more than 30 years. 爸爸hanaumoku 参考一个基本的mo 'olelo或故事, 讲述母亲的故事, 爸爸, 谁创造了这些岛屿, 从夏威夷岛到考艾岛和更远的地方. Works created for this exhibition offer a conceptual continuation of the peopling of islands, 气候变化的影响正在重塑地球的陆地, 生态系统, 和社会.


2月. 2023年5月6日

Sam Bartlett:低风险,胶合板裁剪 & 每天的漫画

开幕酒会:2月. 2, 6 - 8 p.m.

山姆·巴特利特是一位美国民间艺术家, 公共艺术煽动者, 漫画家, 表演者, 音乐家, 和作曲家. 

As an artist, Sam specializes in painting and cutting sculptures from salvaged wood. He derives inspiration from the naturally low stakes involved in using free materials. 

山姆几乎不为他的艺术作品做计划或素描, 更喜欢尝试利用第一次拍摄的能量. Common themes in his work include complex physical relationships between people, 事物之上的事物, 东西被咬被吃, 旧时和爱尔兰音乐社区, 和死亡率. He has been strongly influenced by artists Peter Schumann, Howard Finster, and Gustav Vigeland.

3月. 4月3 - 4月. 8

开幕酒会:三月. 2, 6 - 8 p.m.

"In this exhibition of ODU's art students we can see an attention to material, 对生态的敏感, 以及复杂的情感记录. 这些作品纺出的线彼此相连, 自我的吸引人的想法, 环境, 记忆, 大宗商品, 共同的焦虑, 和渴望. 的 work is looking outward at the broader world yet mediated through unique perspectives. Through this extreme interiority, we can see a sort of 'entangled precarity.' This phrase coined by anthropologist Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing explains the "open-ended assemblages of entangled ways of life" and particularly, the many ways we as humans live in vulnerability with one another and with non-human species. 我们周围到处都是混乱, 气候的极端变化就是证据, 动物灭绝, 并进一步被自由市场资本主义所抛弃. What we find despite these uncertainties is not a fragility, but a self-assertion. 在彼此面前脆弱是一种力量. We can connect and create our own webs and networks of support the way these artists have done. 这些作品似乎在相互交谈. 他们用什么方式跟你说话?"

-陪审员切尔西·皮尔斯的陈述, 麦金农现当代艺术策展人, 克莱斯勒艺术博物馆



Affectionately nicknamed "Gordon" after the art galleries' namesakes—Baron and Ellin Gordon—this innovative telepresence robot allows remote visits from around the world.

Gordon can move around the space, raise and lower height, zoom in on art. 的 remote driver can interact live with staff in the galleries and also invite 朋友, 的同事们, 和学生们一起参观.

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Muhammad Ansi, 2016, Untitled (Hands Holding Flowers through Bars), Acrylic on paper. 8.5 x 11英寸

1月. 2022年5月21日- 7日


开幕酒会改期一月. 27, 6 - 8 p.m.

Detainees at the United States military prison camp known as Guantánamo Bay have made art from the time they arrived. 的 艺术来自Guantánamo湾 展览将展出其中101件令人回味的作品, 由未经审判的人制造, 有些甚至超过了15年. 的 six artists include both current (Moath Al Alwi and Ahmed Rabbani) and former (Muhammad Ansi, Abdualmalik(阿拉伯语)Abud, Sabri Al Qurashi, Mansoor Adayfi)被拘留者, 他们中没有人被指控犯罪.

Most pieces in the exhibition were taken from Guantánamo by the detainees' attorneys for this showing and following a laborious process of searching, 扫描, 以及Guantánamo官员对隐藏信息的分析. A stamp reading "Approved by US Forces" signals that a work has been cleared, 而且邮票上的墨水经常会渗到背面的图像上, 创造一种艺术与权威的鬼魅混合.

艺术来自Guantánamo湾 includes 图纸 and paintings as well as sculptures crafted with the few materials permitted to detainees, 包括用衬衫碎片做的模型船, 祈祷帽, 剃须刀, 和拖把. As former detainee Mansoor Adayfi explains in his New York Times essay "In Our Prison on the Sea,“海”意味着没有人能够控制或拥有的自由, 人人享有自由.“尽管被拘留者被关押在靠近大海的地方, tarps blocked their view until they were removed for four days in 2014 in anticipation of a hurricane; after that, Adayfi回忆, “所有会画画的人都画关于大海的画."

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8月. 11月30日. 12, 2022


11月闭幕酒会. 10, 6 - 8 p.m.

DesignHer is an exhibition of contemporary graphic design focusing on women practitioners. Highlighting how women have been at the forefront of defining and challenging the conceptions of design, the exhibition presents a sampling of the various purposes design is put to in our culture and the motivations that prompted its use. Participants range from younger artists building a reputation to internationally renowned leaders in the discipline, 作品范围从个人制作的物品到大众媒体宣传活动.


4月. 2022年5月28日- 7日


开幕酒会4月. 28, 6 - 8 p.m.

巴伦和埃林·戈登画廊展出 最佳使用对象, an exhibition of works by the Spring 2022 graduating class of Bachelor of Fine 艺术 majors at bet8体育娱乐入口.

A work of art can last forever, yet every exhibition has an expiration date. 我们在ODU的时光即将结束, 我们意识到时间的流逝, 有时感觉像是架子上的东西. 截止日期提醒我们生命是有限的. 我们的媒体种类繁多, 包括绘画, 照片, 图纸, 而丝网/浮雕版画则探索了怀旧的主题, 个人发展, 以及对生活本身的体验. As we begin a new chapter, we encourage viewers to celebrate this transition.


  • Mylahn帕森斯
  • 埃里克•史密斯
  • 罗杰·埃文斯
  • 恩典McCrery
  • 冬青城堡
  • 艾米丽·瓦萨尔
  • 谢丽尔Cushing-Oman
  • 加贝巴内特
  • Shemeka丹尼尔斯
  • 彰巴恩斯
  • 多明尼克贝拉米
  • 杰达威尔逊

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从陪审员那里获得洞察力 卡尔·弗洛伊德·麦德利三世 and students of the 2021年评审学生展览 in this in-depth look at the show! 祝贺学生Lyn Dowling(21届), 安德烈·雅各布斯(Andre Jacobs)(21年), Korrine Maher ('21) whose artwork has been selected by the ODU President and First Lady from the Juried Student Exhibition for display in the Jacobson House presidential residence for the 2021-2022 academic year!


的 巴伦和埃林·戈登艺术画廊 exhibit works by nationally and internationally recognized self-taught artists, 当代艺术家在各种媒体中工作, 以及与bet8体育娱乐入口有联系的当地和地区艺术家.